23. Don’t Run, Face Your Battles With Gui Valente

Jiu Jitsu teaches you that you shouldn’t avoid or hide from bad positions, or fight at all costs to avoid a bad position. 

Because one day, someone will put you in that position and it’s important that you’re prepared to deal with that.

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick speaks with Gui Valente, Jiu Jitsu instructor at Valente Brothers, about how his Jiu Jitsu journey began, how he was challenged growing up, and the growth of his positive mindset by being a Jiu Jitsu instructor.

Gui discusses:

  • What made him specialize in striking
  • What his childhood was like growing up in Brazil as the middle child
  • His advice of how to deal with stress in today’s society
  • A story of how his father gave him the mentality to not give up
  • And more


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22. Learning about the ETF Market With Matthew Hougan

In today’s rapidly changing environment it helps to be a forward thinker in order to keep up.

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick talks with Mattew Hougan, chief investment officer at Bitwise Asset Management. He discusses his background in the ETF space and what is happening in the ETF industry.

Matthew discusses:

  • What brought him into the ETF space
  • Why he made the move to Bitwise and changed his primary focus of business
  • What is happening in the regulatory space
  • Conspiracy theories on the manipulation for the price of gold over the last 10 years
  • What makes Bitwise different than fidelity for a Bitcoin ETF
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Matthew Hougan, CIO, Bitwise Asset Management. Matt Hougan is one of the world’s leading experts on crypto, ETFs, and financial technology. He is the Chief Investment Officer for Bitwise Asset Management, the world’s largest provider of cryptocurrency index funds, with more than $1 billion in assets under management.

He was previously CEO of ETF.com and Inside ETFs, where he helped build the world’s first ETF data and analytics system, the leading ETF media site, and the world’s largest ETF conference.

Hougan is co-author of two publications from the CFA Institute Research Foundation: “A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds” and “Cryptoassets: The Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Professional Investors.” He is a crypto columnist for Forbes, a three-time member of the Barron’s ETF Roundtable, and a member of the ETFdb’s ETF Hall of Fame.


21. In Case You Missed It, Here’s What Season One Was All About

Staying passionate and staying focused are two keys to success in the lone wolf economy, according to Lonnie Ogulnick, host of The OG Money Podcast. 

But it’s not always easy to stay positive for yourself, so it’s important to spread positivity to others, in order to keep yourself on track. 

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick discusses some of his key takeaways from the first season of The OG Money Podcast, including why you should determine your worst case scenario, and move forward from there, and how to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve success.

Lonnie discusses:

  • His favorite takeaways from the first season of the podcast
  • How the entrepreneurs he has interviewed have impacted his idea of financial success
  • His thoughts about alternative investments and their future
  • What listeners can expect for season two of the podcast
  • And more

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20. The Secrets of a Successful Real Estate Professional With Alex Rich

“I just knew I was going to be successful, and from then on, my life was all about living.” – Alex Rich

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick speaks with Alex Rich, the founder and president of Rich Commercial Group, about his journey from starting at zero net worth to a seven figure net worth by pursuing his passion for commercial real estate. He gives valuable advice to recent graduates and discusses what to expect when working in the real estate industry.

Alex discusses:

  • How investigating residential and commercial deals sparked his interest in entrepreneurship and business
  • How the 1031 exchange can affect his business 
  • The future of Miami real estate
  • Characteristics needed to be successful 
  • The key to cold calling
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Alex Rich is the founder and president of Rich Commercial Group. He started his commercial real estate career as a summer intern with CB Richard Ellis in New York City.  After graduating from Florida State University with a double major in real estate and finance he moved back to Fort Lauderdale which has been his home ever since.  Prior to founding RCG, Mr. Rich worked at One Investment Group where he assisted both private and institutional landlords in leasing, acquisitions, dispositions, and investment sales.  He is dedicated to the success of his clients and building strong enduring relationships.

Mr. Rich is an active member of the international council of shopping centers and Florida State University’s alumni program. 

19. A Professional’s Guide to Trading and Investing with Thomas Thornton

“Trading and investing are entirely dependent on your personality and comfort zone. It’s all about consistency and having a good process.” – Thomas Thornton

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick speaks with Thomas Thornton, the president and founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry, about his unique insights from the hedge fund world. He also delves into market sentiment, macro-daily insights with DeMark indicators, and long and short trade ideas.

Thomas discusses:

  • How he implements the Tom DeMark indicators when making investment decisions 
  • The Fed’s involvement and role in the market
  • What’s happening in the Ripple (XRP) Market 
  • The importance of upgrading your quality on market pullbacks
  • His views on the future and value of cryptocurrency 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Thomas Thornton, also known as Tommy Thornton, is the president and founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry. He is the former portfolio manager, senior trader, and technical analyst with Level Global Investors and Galileo Capital. He has written a daily market note for a select group of hedge fund managers for years and now has offered it for all investors with Hedge Fund Telemary. His goal is to add something to one’s own process through his lengthy market experience.

18. The CEO Saleswomen With Regine Basha

Being in a family business isn’t always easy; there may be moments when you feel unfulfilled and don’t fully enjoy what you do, but there is always a path you can take, or create yourself, that will spark your passion. 

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick is joined by Regine Basha, CEO of Aaron Basha Corp. They explore her achievements, life experiences, and advice that can help you succeed in the world of business and sales!

Regine Basha discusses:

  • How COVID-19 brought in her opportunity and passion for the business
  • Her vision and future for Aaron Basha
  • Her trust in the universe 
  • Balancing family and business 
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Regine Basha is the CEO for Aaron Basha Corp. Basha began working for the company in 1997, overseeing retail and wholesale operations as well as visiting trade shows. She then moved into the marketing and creative department, and designed well-known jewelry collections such as Love is My Religion and the Destination Stacks Collection inspired by her years of travel.


17. The World of Trend Following With Corey Hoffstein

Trend following is one of the most popular trading strategies in the market. It attempts to capture gains by analyzing and evaluating an asset’s momentum in a specific direction. 

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick speaks with Corey Hoffstein, co-founder and chief investment officer of NewFound Research LLC, about the principles and fundamentals of trend following, as well as answering questions about stock market volatility and government influence on the market.

Corey discusses:

  • How trend following strategies work
  • Volatile periods of the stock market and future market expectations
  • The government’s influence on the market
  • What happens when people start using the market as their savings account
  • The market environment for trend following
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Corey Hoffstein is the co-founder and chief Investment officer at NewFound Research LLC. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science at Cornell University and subsequently pursued his master’s degree in computational finance at Carnegie Mellon University. He has a lot of credibility on social media for what he believes in, and is inside the world of trend following. 

16. Connecting Jiu Jitsu with Business, Relationships and Mindset With Joaquim Valente

Jiu Jitsu is a way of life—a life in which you learn to seize new opportunities, gain confidence in who you are, and persevere in the face of adversity.

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick speaks with Joaquim Valente, a gifted Jiu Jitsu instructor at Valente Brothers, about the life changing benefits of Jiu Jitsu and how it can help you improve your business, maintain relationships, and cultivate a positive mindset! 

Joaquim Valente discusses:

  • Smalls ways to improve your life
  • How to mentally prepare for the worst case scenario
  • How your temper can be used as motivation
  • The VBT mentality 
  • How Jiu Jitsu compares to the financial markets  
  • And more


Connect With Joaquim Valente: 

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About Our Guest:

Joaquim Valente is a Valente Brothers Jiu-Jitsu professor. He is the Valente brothers’ youngest brother. In 2007, Joaquim relocated to Miami to pursue a degree in criminology at Barry University. With his unique style, great teaching abilities, and incredible charm, he immediately won over everyone..Joaquim, like his brothers, had Grandmaster Hélio as his main teacher and trained weekly with the Grand Master. He was also very fortunate to spend many vacations and long weekends living with Grand Master Helio in his ranch. Joaquim played a pivotal role in the development of our curriculums as he was still living in Brazil and could work with Grandmaster Hélio directly and provide Pedro and Gui with valuable information.

Episode 15 – The 90 Day No Alcohol Challenge — With Guest James Swanwick

One drink a day is harmless, right? You might be more wrong than you think…

Discover the consequences of drinking and the negative toll it can have on your health, sleep, career and lifestyle in this episode with Lonnie Ogulick and James Swanwick, Australian-American entrepreneur, investor, speaker, journalist and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor! 

We discuss: 

  • Project 90 and the initiative to help successful entrepreneurs remain healthy and alcohol-free
  • Why it’s James Swanwick’s revolution and life mission to help others succeed 
  • The importance of sleep, the research behind it, and how alcohol impacts your sleep
  • James Swanwisk’s current and new ventures to look out for
  • And more!

Tune in now to get to know James Swanwick and his mission to help underperforming successful entrepreneurs prosper.

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Episode 14 – How Your Passion Will Propel You Towards Success — With Guest Jason Rosenfeld

In life and in art, if you follow your passion, success will follow.

In this episode, Lonnie Ogulnick speaks with Jason Rosenfeld, owner of the Rosenfeld Gallery in Miami, about why passion is so vital for success in life, as Jason reveals his appreciation and passion for art, how he got into it, and how it has led him to success today.

You will learn: 

  • How Jason Rosenfeld’s upbringing in the art world led him to open his own gallery
  • What makes an artist successful
  • How to utilize your personality as an asset as an artist and a successful individual
  • Jason Rosenfeld’s area of expertise, niche and how he prices collections in the gallery
  • The best advice Jason received from his clients
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn why passion is the key to success! 

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Some guests on the podcast may discuss investments that I cannot offer.  This information should not be construed as a recommendation of any specific security or investment plan.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.